BLK Classic Thermo 254
Diachronic design. Suitable for modern architectural aesthetics. Three-chamber system
with 18mm polyamide and heat transition coefficient of Uf = 2.91W/m2K

BLK Classic 254 Thermo system is the convincing response to the needs and demands of architects and constructors.
It combines minimal but elegant design concept, top quality insulation standards, versatile applications and user friendly specifications.

BLK Classic 254 thermo comes with the “Ω” shape polyamide insulation of 18mm with fiberglass reinforcement and three thermic
insulation chambers, 
achieving a thermal insulation coefficient of Uf=2.91W/m2K.

BLK Classic 254 thermo system is ideal for exterior windows and doors. It is a three chambers thermalbreak system using “Ω” shape polyamide insulation
of 18mm Frames with width up to 77mm, offer the option of simple or thermo insulated glass from 4 to 36 mm thick. Great selection of color samples 
such as Ral, Elox, Metalic, or Wood imitation. EPDM gaskets and the locking mechanisms assure the desiredstrengthcomfort and safety.

BLK Classic 254 thermo profile system is a complete and sophisticated thermo system of top quality and exceptional performance.

What CLASSIC THERMO 254 system offers

• Single, double sash tilt & turn 
• Single sash tilt & turn with fixed frame window
• Two sashes on fixed frame window
• Single- double sash door 
• Variable corner fixed frame 
• Double sash window with dormer or fixed window 
• Double sash balcony door with shutters
• Reversing door

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