BLK Regal Thermo 262
Highly thermally insulated system with 26mm polyamid and diachronic design
are uniform in terms of both technology and perfect appearence.

BLK Regal 262 comes in modern design and balanced profile sizing. It offers insulation, comfort, elegance but most of all sense of security.

The exceptional thermal insulation coefficient Uf=2,30W/m2K obtained with the use of polyamide insulation “Ω” shape of 26 mm with glass reinforcement
and three thermic insulation chambers, ensure a superior thermic and acoustic protected environment.

BLK Regal 262 is ideal for exterior windows and doors. It is a three chambers thermal- break system using the “Ω” shape polyamide insulation of 26mm. Frames with width up to 85mm gives you the option to select either a simple or a thermo insulated glass from 12 to 42 mm thick. Great selection of color samples such as Ral, Elox, Metalic, or Wood imitation. EPDM gaskets and the locking mechanisms assure the desired strength, comfort and safety.

The BLK Regal Thermo 262 system satisfies the most demanding requests and assures that the final product will function perfectly,
last long and create a pleasant environment.

What REGAL THERMO 262 system offers
• Frames height up to 70mm and width up to 85mm
• Big sashes for doors
• Extensive range of corner joints
• Option of constructing doors without the use of transom mullions
• Option of obtaining big size glass surfaces
• Option to use automatic card locks for internal doors for hotels, banks, offices
• Option for glass thickness of 12 - 42mm
• Thermic insulation Uf=2.30W/m2K
• Top standards water and air flow insulation
• Special profiles for perimeter locking mechanism

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