Brokelmann RG75 and RG60
They are the systems for the optimal thermal insulation and they offer
high aesthetic in harmony with security, resistance, durability and functionality.

The RG75 and RG60 create new architectural possibilities. High performance systems for doors and windows, for highly demanding constructions. Highest possible transparency and design freedom combined with trendsetting thermal insulation (RG75: Uf=1,5 w/m2k and RG60: Uf=2,1 w/m2k). The RG75 & RG60
are the systems for the optimal thermal insulation. The high value thermal coefficient combined with the total coverage of the architectural demands, through an emphasis on straight, clear lines, offer high aesthetic in harmony with security, resistance, durability and functionality.

THE SYSTEMS The RG75 & RG60 are opening thermal insulation systems, with a three chambers profile, for maximum thermal insulation, ideal for the construction of doors and windows. The thermal insulation is achieved by the use of polyamide of 34mm for RG75 and 19mm for RG60, reinforced with fiberglass. The design of the profiles, the accessories and the materials of the systems in general, are based on modern technology and follow the guidelines and the standards that determine the thermal insulation properties of the materials used for the construction of windows. The value of Uf coefficient of the profiles and their combination, have been determined according to EN ISO 10077 and are designed according to DIN 4108-4:2002. The air-tightness of the joints and the water tightness of the windows, under storm conditions, respond to the C category of standard DIN 18055. The water tightness is based on the German designing principles. Water enters the chamber, is leaded to the lower part of the window and then is guided outside through specially designed drainage channels.
The sound insulation of the RG75 system has been determined according to DIN 18054 from RW.R31dB up to RW.R45dB. The construction of robust, secure and operational items (windows and doors) is guaranteed. The systems can support normal and tilting balcony doors and windows with a leaf width from 380 up to 1600mm. The height of the leaf can extent from 600 to 2400mm. The maximum weight can reach up to 130kg. The systems can support sliding-tilting doors and windows with a maximum size of 1680 x 2200mm. The maximum weight in this case can reach up to 150kg.

What RG75/60 system offers

• Frames height up to 70mm and width up to 85mm
• Big sashes for doors
• Extensive range of corner joints
• Option of constructing doors without the use of transom mullions
• Option of obtaining big size glass surfaces
• Option to use automatic card locks for internal doors for hotels, banks, offices
• Option for glass thickness of 12 - 42mm
• Thermic insulation Uf=2.30W/m2K
• Top standards water and air flow insulation
• Special profiles for perimeter locking mechanism

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Download the Technical Catalogue of system RG60
Download the Technical Catalogue of system RG75

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