Brokelmann RGB
High aesthetics! The new Brokelmann RGB aluminium window system, combines archi-tectural
and design features with functional benefits. Excellent thermal insulation, minimal basic depths and hidden sash.

The Brokelman RGB System offers to architects and facade designers a comprehensive lever of design freedom. For constructions with special aesthetics.
Encloses the special aesthetics and functionality of the Brökelman philosophy. With the design of hidden sash, the visible surface of the aluminium profile is limited to the minimum.


RGB is a thermal insulated opening system with three chamber profiles for the maximum thermal insulation. The design of the profiles, the accessories and the materials of the system in general, are based on modern technology and follow the guidelines and the standards that determine the thermal insulation properties of the materials used for the construction of windows. The value of Uf coefficient of the profiles and their combination, have been determined according to EN ISO 10077 and are designed according to DIN 4108-4:2002.

The air-tightness of the joints and the water-tightness of the windows, under storm conditions, respond to the 
C category of standard DIN 18055.

What RGB system offers
• Thermal insulation according to DIN 4108-4
• Maximum energy conservation
• Perfect sound insulation
• Total water-tightness
• Perfect match with curtain wall system W50, with the use of special frame profile

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